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Thank you for visiting our site. We are making every effort to supply what you need to exercise your 2nd Amendment right. We have concealed carry Purses, Concealed Carry holsters, Open Carry Holsters. Gun cases, Gun bags, ammo carriers, gun slings, concealed carry Fanny Packs, and more... If you are looking for a great IWB leather holster check out our O.H.I.O. IWB/OWB leather hoslter. If you are looking for a Hybrid, Be sure to check out our Tuck-It SE, and Tuck-IT SE Mini. If you don't see what you need contact us. We will help you find it. we can often times modify our current products to meet your need. With the growing popularity of Concealed Carry, we will be adding more concealment holsters soon. We are working on more designs to accomodate lasers in our concealment holsters. We would be happy to make custom Leather holsters for you, just contact us with your special request.

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If you are looking for TOP NOTCH firearms training, visit the training category. We offer Ohio Concealed carry classes, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, NRA personal Protection Outside the home 1&2, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim, NRA Home Firearms safety, NRA FIRST Steps Pistol,Defensive Pistol, Defensive Shotgun.



Training Courses Offered:

Ø      NRA Basic Pistol/Ohio Concealed Carry(CCW)

Ø      NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (Defensive Pistol in the Home)

Ø      NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home 1&2 (Advanced Concealed Carry)

Ø      NRA F.I.R.S.T. Steps Pistol

Ø      NRA Home Firearms Safety

Ø      Refuse to Be A Victim

Ø      Defensive Pistol

Ø       S.A.R.C. School Attacker Response Course

Ø      Home Defense Shotgun



2nd Amendment Stuff & 3G Tactical have teamed up to offer top notch instruction for those who want to gain the Knowledge, Skills, And Attitude Essential to safely use a firearm for recreation, competition, and self defense.

"Because Training makes The Difference"



NRA Basic Pistol/Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW)

This is a 12 hour class as mandated by the state of Ohio. We will cover Basic Firearms safety, Revolver and semi- automatic firearms knowledge, Ammunition knowledge, Safe storage practices, loading and unloading of revolvers and semi-Automatic firearms, Firearms maintenance, choosing a firearm, live fire on our private range, how to apply for an Ohio License, duties of a licensed individual, Concealment options, and much more. Students will need: A safe firearm, hearing and eye protection, 100 rounds of ammunition. Proper attire for our outdoor range            Cost $120.00



NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (Defensive Pistol in the Home)

This is a 9 hour class intended to teach the basic Knowledge skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a firearm for the protection of yourself and your loved ones. A local attorney will also teach the legal aspects of a law abiding citizen's right to self-defense.

Areas covered will be: Intro to defensive shooting, Basic defensive pistol skills, Firearms law possession, ownership, and the use of deadly force in the home, Strategies for home safety and responding to a violent encounter, selection of a defensive pistol, Further training and skills development opportunities.  Students will need a safe pistol, 200 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection                    Cost $125.00

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 1(Advanced Concealed Carry 1)

This is a 9 hour class to teach the knowledge skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective, responsible, and ethical use of a concealed handgun for self defense outside the home. Areas covered during this course will include: Intro. to concealed carry safety and the defensive mindset, Intro. to self-defense and concealed carry, Legal aspects of concealed carry and self defense (taught by a local attorney), carry modes, and concealment, presentation, position, and movement with a concealed handgun, Students will need to have a Center-fire handgun 9mm or larger, a strong side hip holster, spare magazine/speed loader, magazine/speed loader pouch as well as the normal safety equipment. 200 rounds of ammunition.                       Cost 150.00


NRA Personal Protection Outside the

Home 2(Advanced Concealed Carry 2)

This is a 6 hour (minimum) course.  This course is live fire on the range only. As a result of completing this course of fire, you will learn how to draw a handgun from concealment, conduct speed reloading, clear stoppages, move to cover, and shoot from multiple positions. Point shooting, hip shooting, turning to shoot, engaging targets at extended range, multiple attackers and much more. the same equipment and ammunition that is described in PPOTH 1 will be needed for this course as well                Cost $100.00


Defensive Pistol

(This is not an NRA Course)

This is an 8 hour course. Most shooting will be done from a concealed handgun. Subjects covered: Reviewing proper drawing technique, engaging multiple attackers, shooting from cover from multiple positions, moving to shoot, Speed reloading, tactical reloading, multiple malfunction drills, engaging a target as it charges at you, engaging a vicious animal ( no real animals will be used during this drill).

This is an advanced defensive pistol class. You will need a safe handgun, a strong side hip holster, 2 spare magazines, magazine pouch, 300-400 rounds of ammunition

Cost $150.00



"In Combat you won't rise to the occasion, rather you will lower to the level of your training" Lt. Col. Dave Grossman




NRA Home Firearm Safety

This is a 4 hour non Shooting course intended to teach the basic knowledge skills and attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms in the home. Subjects covered, Rules for safe gun handling, Identifying and unloading various firearms including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. There will be NO LIVE AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM , Types of ammunition, basics of cleaning firearms, and proper storage of firearms, ammunition.                            Cost $50.00


NRA F.I.R.S.T. Steps Pistol Course

This is a 3-4 hour course designed to provide an introduction to the knowledge skills and attitude needed to own and use a new, or new to you pistol. Subjects covered: introduction to pistol safety, parts and operation, introduction to ammunition, and the fundamentals of pistol shooting, shooting from the bench rest position, introduction to cleaning a pistol. Students will be expected to bring a safe pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection, and the owner's manual for their pistol.                                       Cost  $50.00



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All of our Trainers are NRA certified Instructors.






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